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The conclusion of this case.


Well, well… Kishizaki-san really pulled out all the stops for that trick. And he set it up so long ago. I guess that explains why he was so eager when the body finally fell out of the bridge.


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Sorry about this, but I was busy and didn’t get to it until recently. I don’t know when 18.3 will be released, so don’t ask about that.

C.M.B. is on hold for now as we don’t have many active staff at the moment.


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A new case for topology lovers everywhere!

And maybe people who like bridges?

Edited because I messed up on the notes.

Don’t really know what’s wrong with mediafire, so here are more places to download it.

Random thoughts:

Ha… the credit page might only be funny to me. That mirror really does look like a dental mirror. Nowadays, most people would probably pick implants to replace missing teeth instead. No teeth shaving, and it’s supposed to last a lot longer than a bridge. Though, it does require surgery and healing time (and more money and possibly a bone graft). I wonder if there will ever be a dental related case…

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Happy New Year!! Here’s a release to start it off with some interesting thoughts.

Part Two on Mediafire
Part Three on Mediafire

This release has a division in the middle because we didn’t realize that it’s already split into two parts. So I think from now on we’ll release it in two parts instead of three.

Thoughts about this chapter:

This is my first time releasing C.M.B., usually Lynossa does it. Excuse any mistakes you find in there; I already reuploaded the releases three times so I don’t want to do it anymore… I really like Shinra’s style of closing the case. It feels a lot like Touma’s, but it’s still a little different, maybe because he seems younger. Well, enjoy it, everyone!!

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Hello everyone, sorry for the very late release. We’re still busy and we need moar staff!! Please if you have basic knowledge in GIMP/Photoshop and understand Japanese, apply as our QC. WE NEED YOU!!! I practically buried Argentscarf and Hecko will all our releases. Check our ‘recruits’ page to know how to apply.

Well, enough with the begging. You can download it HERE.

We also revise case 17.2, there are some incorrect translation in the first version, minor but apparently it affect the outcome in final part. You can download it here.

Thanks ~


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Yes, finally C.M.B is back! Interesting case as usual with mysterious artifact that of course attract Shinra a lot. Check out the color title page by Gobi, nice eh?


We also have two new staffs! Yeay! Welcome Keys2tkingdom and ithinkweirdthoughts. Yes, long name, I still figure it out nice nicknames for them.

Anyway, enjoy!

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And here’s the next part.


Edit: I figured out what was wrong with the upload, so here it is on mediafire too.

Well, I don’t really have anything to say. Other than that I almost missed the Q.E.D. in this part.

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