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Our new blog is at orionwave.blog.com.

There is at least one link that is broken, and I can’t edit the post because I didn’t write that post.

Secret Blue Room: Part Three: Mediafire
You know… I don’t know why, but I have a separate download for this. Oh well, I don’t remember why that was, but this one works.


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No, sorry to disappoint you but this is not a release. I feel terrible for not posting in here for a long time. The truth is I just lost my laptop and the only time I could get my hand into anything with keyboard and screen is once a week by borrowing my mom’s laptop. So until I get a new one, pretty much I can’t do anything to help the scanlation, not to mention I lost all my data. Hey you freaking thief! I hope you root in the deepest hell!!!

Anyway… this is my apologize to all of you, my co-scanlation peps and of course everyone who reads Katou’s works. Hopefully I’ll get a new one soon but until that happened, I could only cross my finger and curse the thief.



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Christmas Break

Hey, it’s been a little while since our last release. This is just a notice saying that we aren’t going to have any more releases until the new year, as some of our staff are on vacation or are busy with other things this time of year.

A nice Christmas present would be more QCs… preferably those with a lot of time who can read Japanese (of course, both Q.E.D. and C.M.B. are shonen, so there’s furigana).  Apparently, I need to make a new recruitment page to throw the net wider.

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The past few weeks we’ve been talking over and over again about Publisher coalition against scanlation. All this time I prefer to stay away from it (expect expressing piece of my mind in some manga forum) because Q.E.D and C.M.B weren’t affected. So far no Motohiro Katou’s manga being licensed in US. But today I saw Q.E.D. and C.M.B. were gone from mangatoshokan, and they said it was under the claim of publisher coalition.

Based on what I see, scanlation in my country didn’t affect manga selling, but I can’t talk on behalf other countries because each country has different characteristic. But hey, they have the right to do it, so I wont complain or be a jerk about it. I know that we have no rights but personally it wont stop us from keep doing it. We still going to scanlate Q.E.D. and C.M.B., and soon Rocketman will follow. Let just say we’re not planning to quit anytime soon unless it got licensed in English.

ps: Q.E.D new case is coming soon. wait for it ^^

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Help >_<

Recently we’ve got some new staffs so we decide to start working on C.M.B. But apparently some of old staffs are busy with real life or MIA so we need new staffs!!!

These are the position we’re desperately need new energy:

Raw cleaner, Typesetter, and QC.

Seriously, we need you!!!

Apply to orionwavproject@gmail.com using this format:

Subject: cleaner/typesetter/QC

Online Name(if you want):
Is English your first language? (for QC only):
Can read Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji (for QC only):
Can typeset, clean or will learn:
Photoshop or GIMP and level of knowledge:
Time Zone (UTC/GMT):

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Hey everyone…

it’s been quite a week for me and the staffs, juggling between everything, but so far we manage to put everything under control.

A brief information, we’re going to collaborate with wanganscans on releasing Q.E.D. Yes, Joint release, that’s what it called. But beside the fact that we will alternate release the volume (cases), there are no change in anything else. We’re still trying to improve our quality.

Although many of you may already read the conclusion part of case 2: The Silver Eye, we still releasing it, you can expect it on Friday.



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The Waiting…

Hi everyone…

I know what you all thinking, but no, we haven’t release the new case yet.

I just have a busy week filled with family gathering, deadline, works, and the other staffs also busy with either college or school. but I can assure you it still on schedule and will be out in a day or two.

I will also take this opportunity to tell you that we need a cleaner because we lost one cleaner for private reason. if anyone interested, please contact the email: orionwaveproject@gmail.com, don’t send spam or anything, contact me only if you’re interest in working with us in this project.


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