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Indeterminate Hiatus

I won’t be posting releases here anymore, so keep track of them at the new blog!

New blog link: here.

Revised version of post because I accidentally deleted it:

Oh wait, it’s been like two five months since we went on hiatus?! Well, I put indeterminate for a reason.  I guess it’s a bad thing that the leadership switched to me, but it’s not like there’s anyone else who really wanted to do it.

Wishlist for the future:

A Japanese to English translator.
Oh, and a raw for volume 37 that doesn’t look like crap. Solved with Chinese raws via dm5.com (Mixo Muse) The sfx are in Japanese still.
And a new blog to start fresh. ^^ I’m looking at blog.com at the moment. It’s here.

Wishlist for right now:

  1. Volume 10 in a language other than Japanese, and a translator if that language isn’t Indonesian. Chinese raws.
  2. More people who can QC and know some Japanese.
  3. That people who send in applications would send me by email instead of posting in the comments.

Apparent publishers: Tongli Publishing Co. in Taiwan; and Elex Media Komputindo in Indonesia.

My email: argentscarf@hotmail.ca

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